Zucchini – Then and Now

I don’t believe in magic – but when I look at the Then and Now photos of my Zucchini plants – I really feel like something magical has taken place. Nature is truly amazing. It’s always been a provider – and a generous one at that. Look at them – it still amazes me that […]

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Note to Self

This post is really a note to myself. I’m writing it to remind me that today, I ate what I would consider the best punnet of strawberries I have ever had. As I write this post, I am scoffing down the last remaining halves that are dotted around the bottom of my bowl; wondering if […]

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Simple Snow Pea Stir Fry

When I am able to get a substantial harvest of snow peas from the garden (enough to feed three, at least) I always cook them the same way. This is my snow pea stir fry, and it is just as simple as it is delicious. Something I must insist on in cooking this dish properly […]

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Nightime Snail Pickings

One of the greatest banes most gardeners have to endure is the onslaught of snails after any sort of rain that happens just before (or during) nightfall, where the ground is nice and wet. As soon as the sun sets, these pesky little land mollusks rush out of their daytime abode and home in on a […]

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Amazing Front Garden

Look at this section of my friend’s dad’s amazing front garden. It’s so resplendent – full of colour & texture. What I love most about it is the fact that it looks so organic – as if it grew like that without any human intervention. Little things like the use of ground cover plants to soften […]

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One visually obvious thing I did right this gardening season was starting my Zucchinis from seed, early. I bought the ‘Black Beauty’ variety online in early Spring and started them off in some mini greenhouses. I left them in there until they were just pushing the roof of the lid. Their root systems has developed into […]

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