Quick Mix Patty Cakes

I can’t remember where I got this recipe from but I have to say that it is without a doubt the easiest and the best that I have ever come across. Most importantly it only takes very little time to prepare and only uses a few ingredients which are readily found in most households. These Patty […]

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These Little Things

I called this post ‘These Little Things’ not for the reason of contrast between the title and the photo (OK. That is assuming that I am assuming my snow pea is actually big) – although it does fit in – but rather for the reason of observation. You see, whenever I am in the garden, […]

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Snow Pea Tower

My goal a few months ago was to create a tower of bamboo that was tangled with snow pea vines.  When it grew, I imagined I could have fun picking and foraging within for snow peas when the plants started to fruit. This is the result and I am so happy with how it has […]

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Dale Chihuly

This is a post for my reference – predominantly. But as it is a post nonetheless, it’s also here to share. These glass works are by artist Dale Chihuly. Amazing. This isn’t my photo – by the way.

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Spring in the Garden

Spring is a time of great renewal in the garden. It is a time when dormant plants start to burst into life – growing rapidly as they seek energy from the warm rays of the sun. Dormant buds explode (not literally) with new leaves and flowers when the threat of overnight frost has long passed. This particular […]

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Hainanese Chicken Rice Salad

Hainanese Chicken Rice is a staple meal in my family. Mum cooks it at least once a week. It is a dish found predominantly throughout South-East Asia, with each country / locality having it’s own unique variation, all centered around the same star ingredients – chicken & chicken rice. So what does one do with […]

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Spring Gerberas

It’s nearly mid spring and just looking at these Gerberas makes me look forward to Summer. Due to the random spells of cold, wet, windy weather coupled with days of intense sunshine, they aren’t looking their best. But if these early blooms are a sign of things to come then what a summer it will […]

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These are ‘Black Beauty’ Zucchinis. The name says it all – the Zucchinis will have a rich dark green skin. I bought organic seeds online and sprouted them in a mini greenhouse. In only a few weeks from sowing, they just took over the whole container and most are now ready for planting out.

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