Kale Chips

I find sometimes the use of the term ‘organic’ to be a pretentious classification in blog recipes immediately discounting those who don’t have the means of buying organic themselves. I haven’t titled this post as ‘Organic Kale Chips’ for that same reason, however, because the Kale has come straight out of my garden, they are […]

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When I started this blog I wanted to share with people things that interested me as an individual. Without hesitation, this is something that truly does. It is a Bohm Stirling Motor (HB10). I love everything about it – the design, the fact that it runs like a life size motor, the fact that you […]

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Home grown spinach

I love being able to go to the backyard and harvest something I can use in the kitchen. Take these spinach leaves for example. We only have 10 spinach plants but they have given us a good 5 harvests of this size so far – and from the way they have grown since then, there […]

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‘Cosmos’ Chocolate Cake

I call this chocolate cake ‘Cosmos’ – mainly because of the way the ¬†gold lustre dust reminds me of an exploding supernova and the dark mirror glaze being the great expanse of universe around it. I also love whimsy which explains the random Glac√© Cherries dotted over the place with dark chocolate halos.

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Cheese & Corn

I went to a Korean restaurant a few days ago and we ordered a dish called Cheesy Corn. As the name suggests, it is literally Cheese & Corn. For $9 a serve, I must say that it is not worth it (monetary wise) because this can be made at home for a fraction of that […]

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