Home made caviar

I recently went fishing with some friends and caught an Atlantic Salmon. To my surprise, this fish had a skein full of eggs. I was alarmed at quite how easy the whole process was to turn the eggs into caviar – the only remotely challenging part was removing each egg gently from the skein casing […]

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If this watch could talk…

I love everything that tells a story. That’s probably why I like old things such as weathered objects and antiques. This watch I found at home is definitely no exception. Sorry for the bad photography; I used a jewel magnifying glass in front of my iPhone camera to enlarge the writing as much as I […]

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Duck Fat Chips

I guess the first thing you’ll notice when you see this picture is how few chips there are. Actually, only if you are greedy like me. There are two reasons for this – first is that this lot was a tester, ┬ájust to make sure I used the right potatoes and seasoning. Second is because […]

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