Spring Tulips

I bought these tulip bulbs from my local nursery back in April. I had never grown tulips before so I thought I would give them a try. As I mentioned in a previous post, I made a random soil mix with lots of compost and sand for drainage. Now, after months of anticipation with the bulbs […]

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Water Garden

Even the smallest of spaces can be used to create the most beautiful things. Take this water garden for example. The ceramic pot is only about one metre in diameter but provides a whole array of vibrant colours and life throughout the year. Best of all this can fit on a small balcony if you […]

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At first glance this looks like a mirror, right? Well, it’s actually a shot of the dome in the QVB building in Sydney, taken exactly below. I love the interaction of squares, circles and colours that this space creates, viewed from this angle. Excuse the faces!

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Thoughtful Decorating

This room is extremely well put together. Shades of Cyan and Gold are echoed throughout the room in a clever and respectful way. For example, the faded cyan & gold of the curtains are well reflected in the cushions on the Louis the XVI style chairs, through to the coffee table and it’s glass top. […]

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Another man’s trash…

… is  truly another man’s treasure. I got this basket from someone’s hard rubbish collection pile along the nature strip last night. It looks like it was a clothes basket in it’s previous life. I inspected it as best I could in the dark and it seemed very solid to me, bar the two handles […]

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This room is decorated by American Interior Designer Mary Mcdonald who is also a cast member on BravoTV’s Million Dollar Decorators series. This isn’t my photo (by the way) and I think it’s not one of her recent works either. But, however old this photo may be, I had to put this up because to […]

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