Strawberry Popcorn

This growing season I decided to plant Strawberry Popcorn. And no, the corn isn’t strawberry flavoured. There is actually a plant that is called Strawberry Popcorn. It’s an heirloom variety, producing rather small ears (3-5 inches) of corn, encrusted with these tiny ruby like kernels. I placed a whole ear of corn in the microwave […]

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Tan Brogues

I think tan shoes & brogues should be a staple in every man’s closet. Sometimes you find the best of both. These babies are from Calibre, which is one of my favourite local brands. In fact, it is my favourite local brand! They are the Scalo Brogue Lace Ups. All I can say is – […]

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At first glance this looks like a mirror, right? Well, it’s actually a shot of the dome in the QVB building in Sydney, taken exactly below. I love the interaction of squares, circles and colours that this space creates, viewed from this angle. Excuse the faces!

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If this watch could talk…

I love everything that tells a story. That’s probably why I like old things such as weathered objects and antiques. This watch I found at home is definitely no exception. Sorry for the bad photography; I used a jewel magnifying glass in front of my iPhone camera to enlarge the writing as much as I […]

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This is a rosé from the State Rose Garden in Werribee. It’s worth a trip. It’s such a rich yellow with all the different golden hues.

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