Water Garden

Even the smallest of spaces can be used to create the most beautiful things. Take this water garden for example. The ceramic pot is only about one metre in diameter but provides a whole array of vibrant colours and life throughout the year. Best of all this can fit on a small balcony if you […]

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At first glance this looks like a mirror, right? Well, it’s actually a shot of the┬ádome in the QVB building in Sydney, taken exactly below. I love the interaction of squares, circles and colours that this space creates, viewed from this angle. Excuse the faces!

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Winter Green

I love the crisp green of this flower head. The way it’s bent down makes it look charming but somehow menacing at the same time, as if it’s recoiling and ready for attack. Well, that’s how I see it anyway!

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I love the rich shades of green of the spring onions on my spring onion pancake. It’s so uplifting!

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Colour inspiration

I love moss. I love the fact that not only is it low maintenance, it provides an almost everlasting blanket of deep green which is soft to the touch. This little moss patch is something I’ve had for a while. It’s in a miniature bonsai pot (no larger than half you palm) and every time […]

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