I love the color in this adventure park ride. They are so fun and blend in so well with each other, as well as the sky for that matter.

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We all know that nature is the purest source of inspiration. Take this Phalaenopsis for example. So many things about this photo jump out at me. I won’t go on, but what does it for me  are colors, shapes & textures that by nature are so harmonious. Inspiration for a color board maybe?

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Frozen Fruit

FROZEN FRUIT Now isn’t this a lovely picture? It’s frozen berries (if you haven’t already guessed) and some Kiwi Fruit. I froze the Kiwi fruit because this particular unit refused to ripen – even after a week and a half sitting above 3 rounds of bananas, this baby still remained solid. unripe Kiwi Fruit = […]

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Calibre ‘Phillip’ Lace Up

These shoes are from one of my favourite Australian brands – Calibre. I love their gradual taper at the toes – sharp enough to be stylish but not too pointy to look like Winklepickers.  Not that I have anything against Winklepickers – only that they aren’t as versatile as these.  I wear these as a work shoe and as […]

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