Veggie Patch Canopy – Stage 1

  It’s always rewarding when you get to harvest something you have grown and prepare it immediately for eating. It’s literally from garden to table (or mouth) in less than an hour in most cases. That – apart from the aesthetic of overflowing, luscious, green foliage, is the most rewarding part about ‘growing your own’. […]

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Hardware Hack

I went to my mum’s friends house last week. She grows a lot of fruits and veggies and she taught us how to protect her new seedlings from Cabbage Moth caterpillars and any other greedy aerial pest wanting to forage and reproduce on your precious crop. I called this a hardware hack because each piece […]

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Hate mowing the lawn?

Do you hate mowing the lawn? Or (like me) do you have a lawn that’s not worth mowing? Then look no further. I have just the answer for you. Well, it was really an answer for me. You see, our lawn actually isn’t a lawn. It is more of a weedfield. There are probably about […]

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