5 thoughts on “Color

    1. Thanks for your comment and sorry for the late reply!
      For my sunflower, I followed this tip from someone at the hardware store I bought the seeds in. He told me in mid to late spring, dig in a lot of compost to the area you want to sow the sunflowers in to about 15 centimeters deep. Then plant the seeds in pairs in a hole about 5 centimeters deep. When they sprout together, let them grow their first ‘real leaves’ and pluck out and discard the weaker plant. Seemed to work!!

      1. Shortly after I planted my seed, I saw squirrels in that corner. ANd then… we had a torrential downpour that would have popped anything out of the ground! It was truly unreal. I’ll try it again with your suggestions and hope we don’t get a torrential downpour shortly after! Thanks!

      2. No worries! For your first problem, you could also cut the bottom of a large coke bottle off and put it over the seed / seedling until it gets bigger. Hope that helps!

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