Home made caviar

I recently went fishing with some friends and caught an Atlantic Salmon. To my surprise, this fish had a skein full of eggs.

I was alarmed at quite how easy the whole process was to turn the eggs into caviar – the only remotely challenging part was removing each egg gently from the skein casing without popping them.

That involved rinsing the entire skein in warm tap water whilst at the same time running your thumbs  in between the eggs in a circular motion until every single egg is loose. This is done over a bowl.

Then after one final rinse, you drain the eggs and let most of the rinsing water drip away.

You then add the rinsed eggs to a 50/50 brine solution. Let them sit for about 5 minutes and taste them to see if the saltiness is to your liking.

Once it is, drain all the brine and bottle them up.

They will start out opaque, but as the brine works it way through the caviar, they become the translucent balls of flavour that we all recognise.

Home made caviar

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