Another Man’s trash (2.0)…

…is truly another man’s treasure. I picked up three vintage wooden ladders from a neighbor down the road. They left it on the nature strip for people to take and that is exactly what I did.

I stealthily carried them home in the dead of night – not because I felt bad – but because when we leave stuff on the nature strip for people to take, we often have a few sneaky laughs behind the curtain at people picking at and taking what we put out. And because we do that, I figured other people must spy too… so I thought i’d do one better and do it at night so no one could see. Haha.

We were originally going to plant climbing plants on it such as melons and beans, however the urge to make the ladders useful now led me to play around with them, so I did.

I found some random potted plants around the garden and put them on the steps and around the base to fill up the empty space below. This is the result.

Please excuse the plastic pots. I figured if I used good porcelain ones they would sooner or later drop and shatter.

I’m looking around for more ideas, but in the meantime this will do.

Ladder garden

I love the height that the ladder brings to this open space. It acts as a natural looking obstruction in front of a very unnatural looking brick wall and sliding glass door.

The wood frame of the ladder tones down the bricks and concrete by acting as a focal point. The addition of plants softens the space further, the leaves adding volume to the empty space created by the newly assembled frame.

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