If I went into the whole gardening thing hoping that every season I would have bountiful crops of everything, then I would surely be kidding myself. Take these redcurrants as an example. Quantity wise – well, as you can see, it’s quite paltry to say the least.  As this was only planted a few months ago from a root stock, what I should have done was pinch out all of the flowers so that all the plants energy would go into producing new shoots. However, as my root stock was quite large, I thought that the plant could generously spare some energy to give me a bit of harvesting satisfaction. And so it did.


Redcurrants grow on year old canes, so therefore it would have been wise of me to pinch out all the flowers – letting the shrub grow as much as possible throughout summer so next years harvest would be plentiful.


Oh well; it was worth it.

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