Chocolate Birthday Cake

I made this cake for my sister’s surprise 30th this weekend. The fact that the surprise had a rustic / chic’ theme really helped with the way the final cake turned out.

As you can probably guess, her favourite colour is in fact PINK – so pink roses it was. The fact that we were in a park surround by London Plane Trees made it so east to find additional decorations (twigs, bark & dried leaves). I LOVE the idea that there is a ‘piece’ of the party landscape that made it’s way on to the food table, giving it a very organic look.


The cake itself was so simple to make. I just used a regular recipe I have been using for ages – the ‘Ultimate Chocolate Cake‘. It really is the ultimate chocolate cake in all aspects. It’s got a GREAT TASTE, its SO EASY to make, it is almost FOOLPROOF, and Angela Nilsen’s preparation time of 30-40 minutes is to me, VERY generous because all in all I only took 20 minutes for prepping.

The chocolate buttercream was just a random recipe I found on the internet.

Do try the cake, it is SO GOOD YOU WILL DIE #OMG.

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