Kale Chips

I find sometimes the use of the term ‘organic’ to be a pretentious classification in blog recipes immediately discounting those who don’t have the means of buying organic themselves. I haven’t titled this post as ‘Organic Kale Chips’ for that same reason, however, because the Kale has come straight out of my garden, they are […]

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‘Cosmos’ Chocolate Cake

I call this chocolate cake ‘Cosmos’ – mainly because of the way the  gold lustre dust reminds me of an exploding supernova and the dark mirror glaze being the great expanse of universe around it. I also love whimsy which explains the random Glacé Cherries dotted over the place with dark chocolate halos.

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Cheese & Corn

I went to a Korean restaurant a few days ago and we ordered a dish called Cheesy Corn. As the name suggests, it is literally Cheese & Corn. For $9 a serve, I must say that it is not worth it (monetary wise) because this can be made at home for a fraction of that […]

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Brassica Quiche

I have no real fancy name for this Quiche. The best I could come up with was “Quiche Aux Choux” – but I am not French and although Google Translate so confidently translated “Quiche with Brassica” for me, when I tried it in reverse it merely came up with “Quiche Cabbage”. Although that is not […]

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Simple Shortcrust Pastry

I love recipes that are simple to execute but yet provide an amazing outcome. This simple shortcrust pastry recipe definitely fits the bill. It’s rich, flakey and best of all – short. – There are only a few things you need to know when making shortcrust pastry: 1. All the wet ingredients need to be […]

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Duck Fat Chips

I guess the first thing you’ll notice when you see this picture is how few chips there are. Actually, only if you are greedy like me. There are two reasons for this – first is that this lot was a tester,  just to make sure I used the right potatoes and seasoning. Second is because […]

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