One visually obvious thing I did right this gardening season was starting my Zucchinis from seed, early. I bought the ‘Black Beauty’ variety online in early Spring and started them off in some mini greenhouses. I left them in there until they were just pushing the roof of the lid. Their root systems has developed into […]

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This room is decorated by American Interior Designer Mary Mcdonald who is also a cast member on BravoTV’s Million Dollar Decorators series. This isn’t my photo (by the way) and I think it’s not one of her recent works either. But, however old this photo may be, I had to put this up because to […]

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This is a rosĂ© from the State Rose Garden in Werribee. It’s worth a trip. It’s such a rich yellow with all the different golden hues.

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Plucking Chrysanthemum!

It’s no secret that I love gardening. There is something so organic and humbling about nurturing a bare patch of earth and producing something that (in a way) appears out of nowhere. I grow fruits, veggies, and lots of flowers. These are my yellow Chrysanthemums. I have a tip (which my mum’s friend taught us) […]

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