Plucking Chrysanthemum!

It’s no secret that I love gardening. There is something so organic and humbling about nurturing a bare patch of earth and producing something that (in a way) appears out of nowhere. I grow fruits, veggies, and lots of flowers.

These are my yellow Chrysanthemums. I have a tip (which my mum’s friend taught us) that gets you nice big flowers. I tried it myself and it does work very well. All you have to do is see how the flower buds grow. They generally grow in groups of about three per stem. If you pluck away two of those three flower buds, the remaining bud will grow large and healthy. To prove it to myself (and you) I have taken some photos.

The top photo shows one stem of the bush and the flower in the middle of the photo belongs to an un-plucked stem.

The second photo shows a flowers on it’s own stem which has been plucked.

You can see how much bigger the second flowers is from the first. Granted, the photo was taken closer to the second flower however the second flower is so packed full of petals it almost resembles a dahlia and the top one looks almost like a dandelion.

I prefer Dahlias over Dandelions any time.



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