Earl Canteen


It’s official.

I have overdone my Earl Canteen experience in a span of 3 weeks.

I was afraid this would happen – the novelty of being conveniently located a minutes walk from this place had finally worn off.

Or did it?

The novelty I speak of relates in particular of their Pork Belly sandwiches that they are arguably most famous for. I reckon I’ve had it at least 5 times.

You won’t find Pork Belly in this post – no, no. No more for me (for a while at least).

I tried something different this week – the very idea of downing another delicious dose of future heart attack has put me off altogether (again, for a while at least).

 This is what I ate yesterday:

It’s simply called ‘Meatballs’.

What’s in it?

– Veal & Porcini Meatballs

– Onion Rings

– Three Cheese Sauce

– Some bits and pieces of veggie ( Rocket? – I love rocket).

Components wise – did ‘whats in it’ work together?



Flavour wise – tasty?



I think that’s all you need for lunch. Works well, tasty, happy eater, rest of day goes by quicker.

Actually the latter being a product of the former/s is probably not always the case. hah! but anyway,

this reminds me of when I was a kid where I used to stuff my McDonalds Cheeseburgers with my small fries. It was the coolest combination to me and I would still do it if I ordered the same again.

I liked how the balls had this ‘home made’ quality about them. They yielded easily to the bite and were not tough and chewy as if stuff was added to them.



Now for this, which I ate today:


This one is called ‘Lime Poached Chicken’.

To be honest, I couldn’t really tell if the chicken was ‘poached-in-lime’ or not.

But if you were wondering what it tasted like, I can summarise this sandwich for you:

Chicken meat, drowned in a  Nước chấm (or Vietnamese Dipping Sauce), shoved in a bread roll with fresh veggies, chilli and mint.

It is a creative take on an old and proven combination.

Did it work? You Bet! 

Everything in the picture is what is in the sandwich. If you can’t get to Earl, try and make it yourself, you will just need a stellar recipe for Nước chấm, then you are all set to go!


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