Tan Brogues

I think tan shoes & brogues should be a staple in every man’s closet. Sometimes you find the best of both. These babies are from Calibre, which is one of my favourite local brands. In fact, it is my favourite local brand! They are the Scalo Brogue Lace Ups. All I can say is – […]

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Method to the bamboo madness

This haphazardly looking bamboo arrangement is in fact a climbing trellis for our snow peas. I saw something like this in a friend’s garden and had to give it a try – especially since there was no skill involved in making it. The idea is that you arrange all your spare bamboo stakes in a […]

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Spring / Summer Garden Trellis

It’s early August and we are on the last leg of Winter.  It’s around this time that I like to prepare for our Spring / Summer garden. This preparation includes forking and aerating the soil whilst adding compost and manure to enrich it further. In addition to that, I like to start building the framework […]

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Home made caviar

I recently went fishing with some friends and caught an Atlantic Salmon. To my surprise, this fish had a skein full of eggs. I was alarmed at quite how easy the whole process was to turn the eggs into caviar – the only remotely challenging part was removing each egg gently from the skein casing […]

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Wisteria Lane

At home, we call the pathway on the Northern side of the house Wisteria Lane. Yes, the name was borrowed from the past TV series Desperate Housewives, but it is so befitting to what we have. We planted this Japanese Wisteria about 7 years ago and trained it to grow all along the path. It has grown […]

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How to cook fluffy rice

Rice, to me, is individual and situational. Why do I say that? Individual – because for as many people that like their rice hard or al-dente, there are just as many people out there that like theirs soft and borderline stoggy. Situational – because depending on what you are eating the rice with, it could […]

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