Leaf Mould – 1 year on

It has been a while since I last posted – my computer has been away getting repaired. Thankfully the issue was with the power box and not my hard drive. And although I waited 2 whole weeks for my computer to be fixed, it is nothing compared to the year long wait for my leaf mould to start rotting – and it isn’t even done yet.

Look how beautiful this stuff is. You know your leaf mould is going in the right direction (decomposition wise) when you can see the beautiful strands of mycelium holding the leaves together – playing a pivotal role in breaking down the leaves. Some worms have even managed to sneak in, chomping their way through the softer material and leaving lots of castings behind.

This is still far from the finished product – when it’s ready it will be a uniformly dark, crumbly mix with an amazing smell.


And the smell is just amazing. I always found it weird when people said that because I just imagined it smelling like stagnant water. It was only when I actually did it myself – that I knew what people meant. The only way I can describe it is that it really smells like you are in a pristine rain-forest (and I have been in one so I know what it smells like). It’s got a woody, aromatic, even comforting smell that makes you feel like you are in nature.

What excites me the most though is that this lot will be ready next year – and this Autumn I will be collecting a new lot for the year after – so essentially my leaf mould making (and using) cycle is only one year away.


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