Parmesan Shortbread

The lady that prepared my takeaway food from an Italian restaurant last week was over generous with the Parmesan Cheese she gave me. There was small takeaway container full – generous – or careless – it was probably meant for that big order prepared before mine.

This Parmesan was the pre-milled stuff – and call me a food snob if you wish but I always grate my own cheese from the block and I never buy the ‘powder’ unless I have no choice. So with SO MUCH on hand I had to do something. And throwing it away was not an option. (Although for this lot it did cross my mind…..)


With an excess of Parmesan powder, I Googled some Parmesan Cheese recipes, and Google took me to Nigella’s website and specifically – to her Parmesan Shortbread recipe. I have seen this recipe before in her book Nigellissima but never thought to try it.

Since I had all the basic ingredients on hand including the powdered Parmesan, I got my mixer out and started to mix.

The recipe and method can be found here on Nigella’s website. I won’t bother copying here but I will show some photos of the different steps.

One tip I do have is to be patient – when all the ingredients are in the mixer, for a while it seems like it won’t come together. As Nigella would say – ‘HAVE FAITH’ – because true enough, it will come together.

I have to warn you thought that the initial smell that eminates from the oven is reminiscent of baby vomit – and if you have an open plan house – you house will smell as such.

I recommend you eat them a day or two afterwards where the softness is equalised through the entire biscuit – it really is melt in your mouth delicious!







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